Compucat Software - Because It Works!

Compucat Software has been serving the community since 1987. We specialized in custom application programs for small businesses and then branched out into contract programming. One of our products  “Quick and Dirty Zip” received honorable mention in PC Magazine’s June 2000 Millenium Edition. They liked it because on one diskette there were versions of the program (Cross Platform) for DOS, Windows (Graphical 16bit), Windows (32 Graphical Bit), and IMB’s Operating System 2 (OS2 - Graphical 32Bit). We also produced code generators and installers for those platforms. At one point (Oct 1992- March1993) Bill Hall was apart from his family for 6 months on a contract at the UPS location in MahWah, New Jersey to assist in relational database design and coding for a proposed turnkey package tracking system which eventually evolved into an internet based service.

We were one of the first to internally build and then use a website not only to feature our products but also to listen to our customers and provide world class customer service. The website used server side programming and soon we were building these types of websites for other businesses. Along the way we were approached by Beauty Pageant owners who wanted a different type of Internet presence. The websites we built were highly interactive and grew into multimedia powerhouses. Montana USA grew from 3 contestants vying for Miss Montana USA and 8 vying for Miss Montana Teen USA to triple digit contestants in 2 years (1999-2001). By 2001 the trend went to heavy multimedia content and we jumped in with both feet. In 2002 we had built and were webmastering three National Level Beauty Pageant Websites (Mrs. United States, Ms. United States, and Miss Teen United States). At the state level we had built and were web mastering Montana USA, Colorado USA and a few state and local level pageants from other systems. WebsByCS (WebsByCS.Com) became the home to our website design, server side programming, and web mastering services.

Multimedia in the early 90’s was in it’s infancy. It didn’t take much to keep the public coming back. The public’s taste however took a turn for the better  and they expected more than just sound bytes and poor footage. They demanded pruduction qualirty video and audio. We jumped in to support it with the proper editing tools and were able to keep customer and client interest going. The quality was and still is outstanding. We decided to offer our services to videographers, however we soon found out that they would rather butcher it themselves than have someone competent do the editing and discography. So we added cinematography to our skill set. MediaByCS (MediaByCS.Com) became the home to our full service multimedia services. From Inception to Telecast\Delivery we do it all. Aside from 18  Independent Film Awards, we also provided footage to “DateLine NBC”, “CBS Paramount - Dr. Phil”, “ABC News - Good Morning America”, and “VH1” for our commercial clients. Our features and commercials have also been televised regionally. In 2017 we added 4K video to our already popular high definition video capabilities.

Pageant Help (PageantHelp.Com) became an outlet for the Pageant Help Series of Products. The award winning and original multimedia pageant preparation toolset  the Pageant Help DVD was released in early 2006 and carried by customflix and Amazon. In 2007 it expanded to a two DVD set and won a Grand Goldie Film Award. It has since expanded with an additional award winning DVD set (Premier World Pageant) and 3 books (#1 release Pageant Series: Questions - November 2017). As of September 2017 over 130 international and national competitive titles were captured by our customers.

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